I am interested in learning to Bellydance, but I feel too out-of-shape/uncoordinated/nervous/etc,etc. Can I learn?

Of course you can! Bellydance is an art form that embraces every body type, culture, age, size, and background. This is an art form that is innate to every woman, and should be celebrated by every woman! You might not walk out of your first class a superstar, but you will have a great time and get a great workout. Coordination is not required! Bellydance is great for our self-esteem, our self-acceptance, our bodies and our minds. Contact any of Sacramento’s qualified Instructors and we will get you shimying!

Many Middle Eastern Restaurants offer Bellydancing as entertainment. What can I expect to see at a restaurant show?

In a restaurant atmosphere, the Bellydancr is there to provide you with a true Middle Eastern experience. While you relax in Eastern ambiance and enjoy sumptuous flavors, the Bellydancer provides a truly memorable performance that represents Middle Eastern art and culture. The Bellydancer will typically perform a four-part show, including an entrance, weil or prop dance, dynamic drum solo, and exciting finale. She will then follow the showcase with a Tipping Pot segment and audience interaction. While you are not obligated to dance with the
Bellydancer, you are certainly encouraged to!

Are bellydance shows family-friendly?

Yes! Bellydance is great entertainment for the whole family. Kids and adults alike enjoy the fun and excitement of a bellydance show. Children especially love to get up and dance!

Mychelle Crown dancing with girl

Is it appropriate to tip the Bellydancer?

While tipping is not required, it’s certainly a welcomed gesture! In fact, tipping a belly dancer is customary throughout the Middle East. Sacrmento’s Professional Bellydancers usually prefer the traditional method of the customer putting a tip in the dancers Tipping Pot during the tipping portion of her show. Check with the venue ahead of time to see what kind of tipping method is preferred. Tipping can be a fun, interactive exprience!

Zaheea with tipping pot

What type of music and costuming do Bellydancers use?

Sacramento’s Professional Bellydance Network is comprised of a diverse group of talented performers in a variety of styles. In Sacramento you will find every style of Bellydance, from Mychelle Crown’s Classical Cabaret, in a traditional beaded costume and Clasical Egytpian music, to powerhouse Unmata throwing it down to the latest in urban funk. See our Events page for upcoming events featuring a variety of dance styles.

I would like to book a Bellydancer for my upcoming event. How long is a typical Bellydance show, and what can I expect to see?

The length and contents of a Bellydance show can vary based on the type of event and style of dancer. A Classic Bellydance Showcase is usually a 5-song complete set that lasts between 20-25 minutes, including a dynamic entrance piece, a veil or prop dance, a fiery drum solo, an exciting finale piece followed by an energetic dance to Arabic pop music, most often involving hilarious audience participation. For your private event, you might want to book the Bellydancer for a longer or shorter segment, or perhaps include a mini-lesson. Talk with the performer about your many options! Visit our Business Center to learn more about booking a bellydancer, such as show styles and rates.

How do I book a Bellydancer for my upcoming event?

A Bellydancer is a great way to break the ice and get your guests in a great mood! While boking procedures vary with each dancer, typically you will simply contact the performer via phone or e-mail, inlcuding the date, time, and city of your event in your inquiry. The Bellydancer will then forward you a performance contract, usually requiring a 25% deposit. It’s that easy! Remember that every show can be individually tailored to suit the theme and colors of your event. Having a Bellydancer perform is a great way to make your event memorable! Visit our Business Center to learn more about booking a bellydancer, such as show styles and rates.

How far in advance should I book a Bellydancer?

While we try to make ourselves available for every event, our schedules do fill up fast! Try to reserve a dancer at least two weeks to a month ahead of time, to ensure you book a qualified performer who will put together a routine perfectly suited to your needs. Visit our Business Center to learn more about booking a bellydancer, such as show styles and rates.

Hiring a Professional Bellydancer is not cheap! Why do some dancers charge so much more than others?

The average rate for a Professional Bellydancer in Sacramento is $200-$250 for a 30 minute show. While this may seem like a lot in tough times, our rates reflect the hours of hard work spent by your performer to offer you the best possible Bellydance experience. A Professional Bellydancer spends thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on training, costuming, music, and travel to represent this art form in the best way possible. Our rates are set by the professonal community to be fair to our customers and ourselves.

If price is your primary consideration, there are many dancers out there who will perform for a fraction of the Professional rate. However, the old adage “you get what you pay for” applies! Most of these dancers are eager amateurs who have not yet developed the technical and perfrmance skills, and the appropriate costume wardrobe, to charge professional rates. For more great perspectives on rates, read a great article by Connecticut performer Carrara Nour, My $0.02 on Rates; and Behind the Rates by DC -area dancers Shems.

Are there any types of events Bellydancers don’t perform at?

Professional Bellydancers never perform at Bachelor Parties, or any event with an all-male guest list. While this is an art form appreciated by all, Bellydance is family-friendly!